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I want to be young again. I want to laugh carelessly and cry unashamedly. I want to believe again- in innocence and guile.

I want to be bright and loud. I’m uncomfortable that I’m too comfortable with pastels and neutrals and everything mild.

I want to know and look at everything with wide eyes and wonder.

I don’t want to pretend to know the answers to everything. I’d rather ponder.

I want hope and belief.

I want young love and flutters. I want spark and surprise. I want the things I read about and left behind too easily.

Flawed as…

It was already past 9 in the morning. The market was about to open, and here I was- paying the price of being a good neighbor. I jabbed the doorbell impatiently. She opened the door right away as if she had been waiting there the whole time.

I handed her the milk packets. It was not the first time too! She kept forgetting to pick up her mail, her newspapers, milk packets, and it was casually left upon me to dutifully ring the bell and hand the things over to her. …

…Sheila .. Sheila ki Jawaani! I’m too saaxyyyyy for you…” my 5-year-old daughter soulfully screamed at the cars stopped at the traffic signal. It was a particularly long red light. She also took my shushing her as direct encouragement and sang with more gleeful enthusiasm. She made full use of her 317 seconds of fame.

The window mechanism of one of the rear doors was broken, hence the public concert. The moment that traffic light went green, I pressed on the accelerator so hard that our car jerked ahead, making a speedy exit from that uncomfortable spot.

My husband remarked…

2020 has been the most happening year in many years. We started it normally, making plans and resolutions, only to have been brought to a standstill.

This is the distillation of what brought me peace in the most anxious times.

Reality #1: The world is not here to make your life any easier.

Imagine you live in the middle of a desert, where the desert symbolizes how people and situations work around us. It will be laughable to expect the desert to convert into a rain forest to simply accommodate your thirst.

Cabs will not arrive on time, mysterious virus will grind bustling cities to a halt, a new crisis will not wait…

I was never meant to be a mother. It was just not supposed to be. Not like this. Not now. It was Amit’s decision. I had simply gone along with the ride.

As far as I was concerned our life was already perfect. Amit and I were true soulmates, secure in each other’s love and friendship.

Sab achha to chal raha hai! Kya zaroorat hai?”, I had asked then, before it all started

Arey Anvi, I feel it inside me..,” he said pointing to his heart.

But Amit.. What if I don’t end up loving the child?

Anvi, I know…

Series of 9 Micro Stories from Nov 2019-June 2020

“We have to move”

. . . . are four ominous-sounding words. These 4-word sentences have a way about them that makes them sound like bad news, like “ we need to talk”. Right?

The ‘finalness’ of the sentence and yet the uncertainty regarding future circumstances is like a dark cloud hanging over the sentiment. The brain just throws a volley of questions like- “What??” “Where??” “Why??” “Is it going to be better than this?” It’s the same, whether it is a few seats down in a flight or changing of offices or moving cities or migrating across countries.

Even while I’m writing this…

(if that happens)

Packing the Bag for Life after COVID Lock down 2020

My erstwhile boss used to start every new financial year with a discussion about it being a new journey. Like every journey we need to pack our bag with ideas,habits that will be useful for the coming time and discard the things that are no longer needed. It has stuck with me even now.

When the COVID-19 lockdown ends and I crawl out from under the rocks, the whole world will have changed. And so shall start a new journey.

These are the 5 things that I want to pack in my bag when/if the lock-down lifts…

The best art, literature, poetry have come from deep anguish or longing. Best humor is derived from difficult times and total misery. The best lessons are learnt in failure and best questions are answered when totally desperate. The best challenges give best sense of satisfaction. The best inspiration comes when you are down and out and alone and focused.

What has happiness ever given anyone anything? If anything it has given feeling of complacency and misplaced contentment along with the fear of losing it.

Whenever I think of happiness, it comes to me like beautiful soap bubbles in the air…

Ha ha !

This review is for people who are Murakami newbies and have just read the book and just can’t find the nearest well to climb into (get it?).

Why? Because this is a nice 600+ page book at the end of which you really come to know what do you mean by loose ends.

It’s like looking at an abstract art painting that you know is good(for it is by a well respected painter), and you just don’t why. Seldom happens for books. Either I like the book or I don’t. …

(Doesn’t happen)

Now that we have to all chip in for household chores, much more than before some people like it better than others. For people who find these tasks to be more burdensome, doing the same tasks day-in-day-out can become supremely frustrating after a time.

Here are some ‘tips and tricks’ from business management lessons to make your day a bit better, every day.

  1. EAT that Frog-

If there is a certain loo that needs to be cleaned, or garbage that needs to be cleared, or a steadily rising and unconquered mountain of dishes, or a conspicuous stinky smell coming from…


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