That is right. One word can sum it all up.

As I introduce solids to my baby boy, and essentially teach him how to eat, it occurs to me that many people have totally forgotten the essentials. Like eating, we learn how to walk at a very young age…

…Sheila .. Sheila ki Jawaani! I’m too saaxyyyyy for you…” my 5-year-old daughter soulfully screamed at the cars stopped at the traffic signal. It was a particularly long red light. She also took my shushing her as direct encouragement and sang with more gleeful enthusiasm. …

2020 has been the most happening year in many years. We started it normally, making plans and resolutions, only to have been brought to a standstill.

This is the distillation of what brought me peace in the most anxious times.

Reality #1: The world is not here to make your life any easier.

Imagine you live in the middle of a desert, where…

I was never meant to be a mother. It was just not supposed to be. Not like this. Not now. It was Amit’s decision. I had simply gone along with the ride.

As far as I was concerned our life was already perfect. …

Series of 9 Micro Stories from Nov 2019-June 2020

“We have to move”

. . . . are four ominous-sounding words. These 4-word sentences have a way about them that makes them sound like bad news, like “ we need to talk”. Right?

The ‘finalness’ of the sentence and yet the uncertainty regarding future circumstances is like a dark cloud hanging over the…


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